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hotel norm. fuji

Chill, art and local goods

Private Hotel in Kawaguchiko, Japan


norm. Dog Park

Welcome to hotel norm.

A private hotel that combines art, design and social connection. Enjoy a range of activities all to yourselves as well as delicious meal plans made with locally sourced ingredients.



Being the first by norm. Inc, hotel norm. fuji is a private villa with hotel services based on the pillars of art, chill and local goods. With a greyscale color palette, the design allows for changing seasons and art exhibitions to take main stage. With a range of social activities such as bonfire, sports and BBQ, hotel norm. fuji is to be enjoyed with your loved ones to make once in a lifetime memories.



A spacious terrace where you can enjoy a full-fledged BBQ even in bad weather. Surrounded by the fresh air of Lake Kawaguchi in the summer

Stay warm in winter with parasol heaters. Enjoy local gourmet food on an authentic American BBQ grill.



This iconic island kitchen is the place to create new thoughts, connections, friends and most important of all, delicious food from local Yamanashi ingredients. Fixed with amenities such as oven, coffee dripper, IH stove and various seasonings & sauces. All you need to do is arrive and start enjoying.



A living room surrounded by periodically changing art. If you lower the screen, it's also a theater. Relax on designer furniture in this minimalist yet inviting space. Art in exhibit is also available for purchase during your stay.


Designed by norm.

Hotel Norm. Fuji's designs are filled with passion.

Enjoy our photo gallery showcasing the architecture and design at the heart of this special space.

norm. for your loved ones

hotel norm. fuji has family, friends, partners,

There is a space for you to spend time with your loved ones.

Please enjoy the "extraordinary" experience that can only be experienced in a private space.

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