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Have a multi-night stay at hotel norm. fuji

Since opening in 2020, we have had the pleasure of hosting guests from various nationalities and cultures.

Most local customers tend to just spend a night but when traveling from a far place, it's usually more enjoyable to have that middle day to explore and adventure! It's true that even when we lived in New York and Los Angeles, we would take short domestic trips for two or more nights and use the second day to truly take in the place.

Keeping this in mind, we have created a new vacation plan so that guests can enjoy a more leisurely, relaxing and adventurous multi-night stay at hotel norm. fuji.

Plan Overview

This plan is designed for customers staying for 2 nights or more to enjoy their vacation at Lake Kawaguchi.
We hope you enjoy the chill space, art and local goods that norm. proposes to the fullest.

Vacation Plan Benefits

  • 10% off from the total accommodation fee.

  • One meal of breakfast for each guest is included, which can be enjoyed during the second and third day.

  • We will prepare one meal of BBQ ingredients for the number of guests, including carefully selected Koshu wine beef.

  • We will have a Swedish torch made from local log wood that you can use to enjoy s'mores and frying pans over an open fire.

Breakfast Menu

  • Salad with seasonal vegetables from Yamanashi Prefecture and homemade smoked chicken

  • seasonal fruits

  • Croque Monsieur made with homemade ham

  • freshly squeezed juice

  • Coffee or tea from Laos


BBQ Plan ※4 Persons

  • Koshu wine beef steak 400g

  • Koshu local chicken thigh meat 2 pieces

  • Koshu chicken wings 10 pieces

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