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Wakasagi (Smelt) Fishing

(Mid Nov ~ Early April )

When it comes to winter activities in Lake Kawaguchi, "Wakasagi fishing" is a must-try. Fishing rods and bait costs are included in the fee, so you can easily enjoy it without bringing anything. The Wakasagi you catch can be brought back to the hotel and enjoyed as tempura or in other dishes!


(All prices include tax)

Adults:5080 JPY 

Kids(Under 6th Grade Primary School):4580 JPY

Facility Details

​1950-2, Fujikawaguchiko Nagahama, Minamitsuru District, Yamanashi Prefecture

*Reservation required (TEL.0555-82-2703)

*Business hours: [Departure] 7:00 a.m. [Return] 14:30 p.m.

*Capacity: up to 17 people

*Period: October to May consecutive holidays

*Catch results may be limited depending on the weather.

*Even if you don't catch any fish, we will give you a smelt as a gift.

*Depending on weather conditions, the bus may arrive earlier.

*Cancellations on the day before or on the day will incur a cancellation fee

(the day before: 50%/on the day: 100%).

*Before entering the ship, we ask that you take your temperature, disinfect, and fill out a medical questionnaire.

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