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Cocktails at norm.

experience bartending and cocktails

When we were students in New York, the first time we encountered bar culture, we realized that it was a much more casual space than we had imagined.

Of course, the cocktails next to it were authentic, but the customers who came to the bar also used the space as a place to communicate with friends, spend time with their loved ones, and talk with colleagues.

Enjoy a cocktail experience at a "bar", which in Japan has an image of being somewhat difficult to enter, in a more casual setting in a private space at Hotel Norm. Fuji with your loved ones who are staying with you.


[Plan overview]

For guests who book this plan, the hotel will prepare liquor, glasses, and other raw materials for making authentic cocktail menus as a service included in the accommodation fee. Enjoy a casual cocktail experience by using the bar counter and bar goods provided on the semi-outdoor balcony. The cocktail lineup will be ``Martini, Manhattan, Gin and Tonic, Gimlet, and Negroni.''  

[Flow of the day of your stay]

Please note that we will not be able to serve alcohol if there is no one in the group staying over the age of 20.

Upon check-in, liquor, glasses, and other raw materials are available on the bar counter located on the balcony.

Ice, carbonated water, etc. are available in the refrigerator/freezer in the kitchen.

You can watch videos on how to make authentic cocktails on the iPads in the facility, so please take a look.

We also have recipes available in paper format for your convenience.

Customers are welcome to take home any unused liquor or raw materials.

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