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Amenities & Services

Make the most of your stay at a private hotel
Please check the amenities provided at the facility.




Island kitchen Freezer Refrigerator Shower room Toilet Bed 4 x 2 rooms Sofa Pellet stove
100 inch projector
SONOS speakers
Air conditioner (each room)
​Air purifier humidifier

6 stools


BBQ grill
BBQ supplies

*Iron frying pan, tongs, etc.
Table chairs 8 parasol heaters (winter)
bar counter

​Set of bar goods

*Various glasses, shakers, etc.


Parking for 4 cars Private garden bonfire space
​2 bundles of firewood Complete set of bonfire tools

* Gas torch , igniter, Dutch oven, etc.
Lantern infinity chair 4 legs yoga mat 4 pieces sports play equipment
    *Morukku, badminton, balls, etc.



Original room T-shirt
​blanket indoor sandals


Bath/Face Towel Shampoo Treatment Body Soap Cleansing Lotion Emulsion Hair Dryer Wood Comb
Toothbrush/Toothpaste Mouthwash Cotton
​Cotton swab



Various cooking utensils Microwave oven
IH cooking heater electric kettle
KONO coffee dripper electric coffee mill various tableware and cutlery 8 sets
BONQ low temperature cooker coffee tea (Earl Gray, Seder)
Red and white wine glasses (4 each) Drinking water/green tea/carbonated water Various seasonings*

*Salt, pepper, sugar, mirin, cooking sake, vinegar , mayonnaise, ketchup, yakiniku sauce, wasabi , grated ginger, garlic, butter, chicken bone powder, consomme, Tabasco, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, miso, Ponzu sauce, noodle soup

Kids & Babies

2 cribs
4 kids chairs
4 sets of children's tableware/cutlery 3 sets of baby tableware/cutlery
Play mat


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